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erica"We all know that Whiteboard videos are the best marketing tool for almost any business.

 There are a few whiteboard animation video maker (software) on the market but all of them are missing something: VOICES! That is a big problem becasue 2 bad things are happening: first the sketch video created it have background music only and the viewers get bored of following the animation or tired of the music. Second, conversions are lower because the lack of a voice over.

One more problem is that after creating an outstanding sketch video you still have to pay for a voice over, that is an extra cost. 

Those problems are over, the new TTS Sketch Maker is all what you need to create amazing text to voice whiteboad animated videos in minutes...the voices included on the software are so real!  

TTS Sketch Maker is easy to use, it comes with several images and allow you to add your own images and music... but the best part is that you can choose from 25 different voices and languages, they include Male and Female voices on their software.

The Text to Speech voices are so real and are synchronized with the text and images, it is an fantastic tool!  TTS Sketch Maker is the new tool you need to create high quality animated sketch videos super fast. 
Get it now before the price gets higher or they decide to close their doors to the world! hurry up!"

Having Problems? Watch This TTS Sketch Maker Demo Video On YouTube

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