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Introducing:  Audiencer
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To really master Facebook’s audience insights, you might think you need some expensive consultation or some really expensive training program.  Well, that’s simply not true.  Audiencer was build to help find your perfect audience every time – and is so simple even complete newbies can use it.  Simply type in a keyword and then dig as deep as you want with all the built-in tools.

Simple as that!


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Audiencer acts like a community where all the members benefits from each others hard work for mutual business growth. Audiencer learns from all the research processes users go through and gets smarter every minute.

If an interests is saved by a member, Audiencer will take a note of that.  Next time you login to Audiencer, it will give you the most relevant interests for your niche right off the bat, so you don’t spend countless hours starting from broad keywords and analysing insights pages.

But that is just the start…


Here’s just some of the reasons you need to check out Audiencer:


  1.  World’s most powerful and most advanced FB’s audience analyzer and interests extractor
  2. Uncover even those interests FB tries to hide during regular searches
  3. Cut down your research time by 50% by, bypassing FB’s 25 interests results per query limit
  4. Built-in proprietary metrics so you could choose only the best interests
  5. Self-learning artificial intelligent interests engine that gets better the more you use it. Get faster access to profitable interests right off the bat.
  6. Never be short of niches and ideas when you can have an unlimited number of them with the single click Search Roulette
  7. Easily test and track even hundreds of ad sets with Campaign Planner
  8. 1-Click copy all your interests to your campaigns
  9. Save and bookmark your interests for easy access
  10. Projects keep your and your client’s work separate for ease of use
  11. No need to keep track of endless text or excel files with data and interests inside.
  12. Cloud-based, nothing to install or download
  13. Regular monthly updates
  14. Almost zero learning curve
  15. Step-by-step video training included
  16. Tooltips to help you make the most from the app
  17. Facebook Support group 
  18. 100% Facebook TOS compliant


This Audiencer Discount and exclusive bonus package will only be available for a couple of days so make sure you grab it quickly if you’re trying to grow your list.

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Tim Ehrenkaufer is a full-time marketer and C.E.O. of Pivotal Marketing Ventures LLC. 

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