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Our PixieLogo Discount & Review

What is PixieLogo?

Pixie logo is an awesome professional and easy to use branding tool that can help you create beautiful yet unique and meaningful branding tools for your business.

Along with creating logos and marks for your business it can create brand mockups.

A majority of other branding or logo tools that are on the market offer a ton pre made logos that have been over used with a small selection to choose from. This makes it impossible for you to create a truly unique brand for your business.

A brand is suppose to be unique and peculiar for that specific business. I mean that is what a logo is, something to make a first impression to the target audience and something to let them know who you and your business are and that is exactly what PixieLogo is. That is why we at InternetMarketing Coupons are super proud to be able to bring a PixieLogo Discount to you!

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What You Can Expect From PixieLogo!


PixieLogo Icons




The major challenge for most other branding tools is the limit they have on logo icons and it won’t take a long time before branding for all users start to look alike. 

With Pixelogo, you will have access to over 1.5+ million logo icons to choose from and the numbers keep increasing everyday. You will be able to easily find logo ideas from the collection based on any keyword. The options are truly endless.

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Another unique part of branding is the fonts and Pixielogo doesn’t fall short. 

Currently with 900+ different fonts that you can choose from. And the beautiful part is that the you can upload your own fonts as well to the Pixielogo font list.

No other branding tool has this feature.





PixieLogo AI




Brand creation has never been this easy. Simply supply the system with a few relevant information about the brand you want to create and it will automatically find you relevant ideas that will match the design and brand concept you want. Pixielogo does the heavy lifting for you and it saves you time.


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Tim Ehrenkaufer is a full-time marketer and C.E.O. of Pivotal Marketing Ventures LLC. 

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