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erica"Screencast Pro is finally live! This is an unprecedented launch… I'm going to be emailing Joey & Lon throughout this launch asking for the latest greatest coupons, discounts, and bonuses. Nothing like this has ever been released for Internet Marketers before and it has the potential to be really game changing for those who take advantage of it. You’ll be able to create the most gorgeous sales videos and any other type of online video in MINUTES, and harness all of the conversion-fire power that two of the best video guys in the business use to the tune of outstanding success.  On top of gorgeous video templates, you’ll also be able to watch how these templates were created so that you can milk Camtasia for all that it’s worth.  (Remember, if you don't have Camtasia don't worry! Joey & Lon show you how to try it for free)  You can use your videos to create top-converting sales videos, squeeze page videos, content videos, and so much more…  And you can sell your videos to clients for thousands of dollars in quick profit. Heck, who wouldn’t like to be paid $1,000 for 10 minutes of work, right?"

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