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Affiliate Funnel Clones Discount, Review, and Bonus Package
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For An All NEW Affiliate Funnel Clones Discount!

Affiliate Funnel Clones Discount

Please be aware that the price of Affiliate Funnel Clones will be going up EVERY DAY during the launch period.  We got a list of the scheduled price increases and posted them below. 

For Example:  On February 20th, you will be able to buy Affiliate Funnel Clones for the low price of $27.00 but as you can see, by February 28th, the same product will cost you $47.00 + 7.00/mo.  Please make sure to buy early.

Feb 20th – 11am –  Feb 22st 11am ET $27
Feb 21st 11am  – Feb 22nd 11am ET $29.99 – With $2.99 coupon  
Feb 22nd- 11:00am – 11.59 PM ET $29.99 Flat
Feb 23rd – 12:am – 11. 59PM ET $33  with $3 coupon 
Feb 24th – 12am – 11.59pm ET $33 flat
Feb 25th -12am ET – 11.59pm $37 – With $4 Coupon 
Feb 26th – 12am – Close $37 Flat
Feb 27th 12.am $47 for 24 hours
Feb 28th $47 + $7.00 monthly recurring..
  • We are in contact with the vendor and will make sure to bring each Affiliate Funnel Clones discount & coupon as they are activated as per the chart above.


Today we are proud to bring you a BRAND NEW funnel system, Affiliate Funnel Clones, which promises to be one of the easiest funnel system we have seen.  Please check out our in-depth review below.   


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Affiliate Funnel Clones Review – My Honest Opinion:

Review StampI’ve had access to Affiliate Funnel Clones for around two weeks.  When I first got access, I ran into a few issues that seemed to have been cleared up in the recent days.  The main issue I ran into was connecting it to my Aweber account.  I just received API errors, but again, I am no longer receiving those errors.  I just opted to have my leads save within the Affiliate Funnel Clones platform for the purpose of this review.   It’s important to remember I had access to the platform while it was still in Beta testing and final touches were still being put on the platform.


My overall opinion of the software is ‘Good’ but extremely basic.  Is that bad?  Keep reading…  I use funnels every day in my business that when drawn out, look like something on a whiteboard wall at NASA.   I was very skeptical that such a basic design would receive opt-ins.


The funnel design of Affiliate Funnel Clones, again, is very basic.  The user is presented with a basic opt-in page, they enter their email, and are presented with an offer.   The email goes to the predefined list in your autoresponder account.


Located in the Affiliate Funnel Clones dashboard is a list of recommended traffic sources, many of which are Solo-Ads.  I picked one and spent $50 and paid something around $0.40 per click.  I received 57 opt-ins which means each one cost me around $0.87 each.  I made one JVZoo affiliate sale which paid $37.00 instantly to my PayPal account.  If you do the math:  $50 Campaign – $37.00 Affiliate Commission = $13.00 out of pocket.  If you divide my out of pocket costs by the 57 opt-ins I received, I paid $0.22 per lead.   In my eyes, that’s a win!


I did two other campaigns and calculated my leads cost around $0.33 on one and $0.35 on the other.  Between all three campaigns, the average lead cost me $0.30 cents!


Does this work better than my current funnel solution?  Well, no…  but yes.

I usually like to break even on my own funnels and every now and then make an immediate profit.  I’ve been doing this a long time and have spent a lot of money and time to get where I’m at.  For years, I paid over $1.00 per lead and still made very good money in the end.   Affiliate Funnel Clones has no hosting fees, maintenance fees, or per sale fees.  Everything you make is profit.  You don’t even have to take the hours to design the funnels.   That in my book makes it worth checking out, especially if you’re new(er) to the marketing world.


The Affiliate Funnel Clones (OTO – Funnel Designer Upgrade) is an option to explore as well.  This allows you to create your own simple funnels with any affiliate product of your choosing.


Affiliate Funnel Clones is simple but yet effective.  It is not too flashy and it gets the job done.
This is a platform you may one-day outgrow but because there is no monthly fees, you can continue to drive traffic to your Affiliate Funnel Clones campaigns for easy low-cost leads.

Affiliate Funnel Clones Review – OTO’s And Pricing:


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What Is Affiliate Funnel Clones?

Here we have the most exciting and unique software of 2018… With this software you have the power
to automatically create proven affiliate marketing campaigns and deliver tons of traffic that you NEED 
with a simple one time set-up.

Affiliate Funnel Clones is an noob friendly platform. With its easy to use dashboard create HIGH
converting funnels with the 5 pre-made funnels included with our Affiliate Funnel Clones Discount. Build
a list of subscribers quick and easily while generating affiliate sales at the same time. 

It’s 100% the simplicity that makes Affiliate Funnel Clones so easy to use… Log in, insert your affiliate
link, and drive traffic from one the pre made traffic resources that have been provided.

It’s as easy as 1… 2… 3…

Affiliate Funnel Clones Coupon


Now watch as leads generate and sales skyrocket on complete auto-pilot. No domain,
hosting, or coding needed 
what so ever! The authors have provided some of their very
own traffic sources to help you generate these leads and sales.

This is honestly the best way for you and anyone else to get on the top of launch
leader boards. Get started fast and easy today for a great price with our Affiliate Funnel
Clones Coupon

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Affiliate Funnel Clones Demo:


Affiliate Funnel Clones allows you to clone 5 of the top converting funnels (25 funnels with the OTO1 Upgrade) that will allow you to hit the ground running and making leads in the same day.  

Wait no longer to collect your daily commissions…   With an email list, you can continue to make money this week, next week, and next month.



Vendor: Simon Harries et al
Product: Affiliate Funnel Clones
Launch Date: 2018-Feb-20
Launch Time: 11:00 EST
Front-End Price: $27-$47


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