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Introducing the brand new cloud app that can uncover anyone’s
professional email address within a single click!


So… You’re probably wondering what EmailFindr is and what it does. Well there is a type of virtual currency that is highly guarded, rarely provided and even coveted all the time. And no, it is not the untraceable currency known as bitcoin… It’s actually just an email address, yep thats right and email address… A digital pot of gold some say. 

Hiring managers, investors, recruiter, a founder, a long lost high school friend, a hard to reach CEO are people that we commonly try to reach and even go to the length of emailing to only find yourself failing is now achievable. 

The problem? 

Their emails are nowhere to be found. Or at very minimum they’re pretty difficult to uncover. Well not anymore!

Introducing EmailFindr, you can now find anyone’s professional email address in just a single CLICK.

We all know the power of contacting the right people. 

Whether you’re looking to find a job or you simply want to contact someone higher up and get SUPPORT from the company you bought a product or service from.

If you belong to the world of online marketing, you’ll know it can be a huge challenge to find someone’s email address.

That is why EmailFindr is the perfect solution for everyone who uses email in their lives… And why you should use our EmailFindr discount for special savings on this great product!

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Here are just a few of the many packed in features giving you tons of more power:

Get Social Profiles of Leads or Future Prospects

Email Findr not only gets you the RIGHT email address but it also goes the extra mile to find you the social
profiles of the person if they are available on the web. This will help you connect better when you emai
l them and strike a conversation.

All of Your Previous Searches are Saved for Lifetime

Since this is a fully cloud based app, we store all the searches for you so you can get back to them
anytime you want. You can also download them immediately or at any time in the future.


Get Tons of More Search Credits at Anytime


When you buy the lifetime version, you will get 1000 search credits means you can find 1000 valid contacts or prospects
from your account. After that if you want to use the app more, you can buy more credits from inside the app. Each successful
search is one credit and there is no charge for no result returned.


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