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Exclusive LetSocify Discount
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LetSocify Special Offer

Save today with our special LetSocify Discount

With the use of our special LetSocidy Discount you can get your hands on tons of REAL email addresses ethically all with one single click! This secret Facebook technology reveals up to 90% message open rate. This is a Facebook notification messaging breakthrough! Revolutionizing Facebook marketing as we know it.

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Integrate With All The Major Autoresponders!

Based on statista.com, the world’s largest social network continues to grow. According to its latest earnings release, Facebook currently has 1.78 billion monthly active users. That is nearly one quarter of the world population and roughly 50 percent of all internet users across the globe and the proportion of Facebook’s users who log on every single day. However, the bigger Facebook gets, the harder it is to connect with prospects. Users see so many ads they simply skim passed them. Even if you’re running multiple campaigns and aggressively retargeting ads – You Are Left With LOW to NO Results.

So How Does It Work?

Well let me explain to you…

Then boom! you’re growing your email lists with real email addresses all within that single click. Grow a authentic and responsive email list better than any list that you have used in the past. All you have to do is follow three simple steps. 

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When your users log into Facebook, their Facebook profile info will be shared with you on your cloud based app , through LetSocify. Including their Facebook linked emails. So that you can retarget your users with Facebook notifications as well as email marketing. You get plenty of more info such as their names, genders, location, operating system, their browser platform and finally their IP address.

You can easily walk through simple setup process. All you have to do is follow the simple three steps that I had stated above. This approach is going to get your system stop rick and roll. With this stupidly simple process you are quickly going to be able to retarget your users on Facebook.

You can quickly configure the best opt-i for your site with LetSocify. Choose your own on-boarding text to get your subscribers with just a click of a button. Use the side or bottom scroll option or even just set up a little button to place anywhere on your site.  This will then allow you to setup personalized messages to be clicked. Personalize your messages with he users name and your own emojis. Insert any URL to have your users directed to.

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