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Is JVZoo Member Worth It?
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The things we loved about JVZoo Member include: Unlimited Courses, 10 Themes Included, has amazing Integration With JVZoo, It's fully Cloud Hosted, allows content to be drip-Fed, Mobile Optimized, Fully Endorsed & Maintained By JVZoo, and has a terrific Smart Sales Page builder Included.
It was designed only to work with JVZoo but I'm okay with that since all of my sales are processed by JVZoo anyways. It is also a significant investment but the return on investment is high as long as you use it.
Our Final Thoughts
While JVZoo Member is obviously based on the Everlesson platform, we loved the many differences we discovered in this platform. I personally found it much easier to use than the bloated Everlesson platform. I also prefer the sales page builder in JVZoo Member when compared to the Everlesson platform. JVZoo Member was designed to set up membership sites in just minutes rather than days. Many people are claiming you can configure a membership site in 60 seconds but I found it took slightly longer. In my opinion, that's still amazing considering I created a site, important lessons, and even customized my graphics in a little over an hour! The biggest difference is JVZoo Member is designed to only work with JVZoo for the shopping cart and includes a much more improved sales page builder. It is also has a more simplified interface and feature-set when compared to EverLesson. The friendlier price tag is also a plus. All in all, this gets a green light from us. It is in no way a 'new platform' but is a terrific add-on to the JVZoo system.


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JVZoo Member is the ALL-IN-ONE membership builder & effortless product creation platform that does everything for you!  JVZoo Member is a world-class, cloud-based software built solely to drive results you and your customer’s demands. 

Recurring profits are running the majority of household known businesses like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, and even Apple. JVZoo Member is making recurring profits predictably simple so that product creators can spend the majority of their work time doing what they do rather than spend most of their time hassling with other stuff. 


Below I am going to tell you about JVZoo Members Custom Membership Product Platform:

Where YOUR Sales & Profits are of the HIGHEST Priority. 

  • Maximize Sales:  Specifically built to increase both one-time & recurring profits to your offers
  • Convert More Leads Into Buyers, and more buyers into long-term customers … automatically: built-in features maximize both retention AND upsells.
  • Products To Profits – FAST: instantly connect existing products to your membership sites … or create new ones INSIDE the platform (product creation has NEVER been easier)
  • Skyrocket Your Passive Income: set a monthly price for ongoing access, JVZoo Member takes care of the rest. It provides incentives to keep your customers onboard, AND to upgrade to your premium offers.
  • You Bring It, We’ll Build It: upload or create your product inside JVZoo Member, and we’ll put the whole site together for you. All the links, access points, integrations & delivery, COMPLETELY handled for you. Zero headaches, pure profits.
  • DFY Sales Pages: as you create your sites, JVZoo Member will pull key data and literally create specific sales pages for your products, packages & offers. Customize anything while saving THOUSANDS on copy & designers.
  • Lightning Fast SaaS Platform: cloud-based, nothing to install, ultra-quick page load times, & effortless integration with your existing tools

What This Quick Demo To Understand Just How Fast &
Easy It Is To Maker Recurring Profits In Any Niche


EVERYTHING is included – absolutely no upsells or hidden fees ever.

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