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MSGLeads Discount & Bonuses
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Sync Everyone Connected to Your FB Page to Your Email List Directly inside
of Facebook Without Them Ever Entering Their Email Address.


MSGLeads special offer

       A new generation of syncing email leads directly inside of Facebook has finally arrived! Introducing our MSGLeads Discount. Up until today there has only ever been one way to generate email leads through Facebook. That has been to run a lead ad or send people off of Facebook to you opt-in page. 

 If you have been engaging with a prospect within the FB messenger system (with or without a FB messenger software), not only does this break engagement which yous work so hard for, but it makes your prospects jump through hoops to finally enter their email address (only which a small percentage actually do). 

…Killing every benefit of personal engagement, immediately.

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About MSGLeads:

MSGLeads is not a FB messenger software, but it does integrate with all third party messenger/bot software that your customer may own (they can use MSGLeads without FB messenger software too)!
MSGLeads bridges the gap between Facebook marketing and email marketing by allowing your customers to sync email leads to any email list, directly inside of Facebook.
Now, you can generate email leads on Facebook without:
  • Typing a single line of code
  • Sending your prospects outside of Facebook
  • Your prospects ever having to enter their email address
  • Having to export/import any lead manually

        MSGLeads Review page            MSGLeads integrates with all major auto-responders. Imagine being able to generate Facebook messenger leads as well as email leads at the exact same time on autopilot. Opening you up to a truly diversified marketing career. This is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. 

Imagine being able to safely know that each FB messenger lead you generate, is automatically synced to your email list without you having to lift a finger?

…or being able to sync an email lead from every one of your FB posts?

Well – I’m extremely excited to let you know that MSGLeads is here to do just that.


       Double your power of reaching prospects by sending FaceBook message broadcasts AND email broadcasts so every message is read by prospects. Then convert your FaceBook page leads that you can message 24/7 year round into email leads! Creating that fully diverse market that we were just talking about. 

Use Our Special MSGLeads Discount today to get your hands on some very valuable yet FREE Bonuses!

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