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Automatically Invite Anyone Who Has Ever Liked Your
Facebook Posts In A Single Click!

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This is the worlds first ever mass inviter of its kind. Converting post likers into fan page likers. Sit back and relax as you watch your fanpage likes skyrocket through the roof! Imagine that every one of your posts were to hit it big. But everyday at the end of the day, other than a few short massive bursts of traffic it all goes fast back to the same old boring number of likes with almost no traffic.

FanInviter was created to convert posts likes into fanpage likes… With FanInviter you can convert these postss likes into fan page like all by mass inviting everyone who liked these posts to your fan page. After people like your page all sorts of great things will happen. Facebook is going to start showing your new posts to your page likers. Bringing in tons of more likes and even shares, giving you a higher chance at creating a huge viral loop.

With more exposure and people seeing your posts your comments will even begin to grow with the clicking. Leading to you building a list and making a huge profit at the end of the day!


Check Out These Sweet FanInviter Features:

  • Unlimited Invites
  • Unlimited Fanpages
  • Unlimited Posts
  • Unlimited Likes
  • Unlimited Facebook Accounts








All you have to do is click the “Invite All” Button

While you can invite the people who have liked posts manually one by one. It could even be 
extremely time consuming… To have to do on a daily basis.

FanInviter’s software adds a special cool “Invite All” Button to a Facebook page in your 
Browser. All you have to do is click that button and then let the software do all the work 
from there.

Being sure that you already see how powerful FanInviter is. As well as how much
time that has been put into the software. As well as how much time that it can
open up for you. In which that you can use for anything that is more important 
to spend your time on.

So now you can go ahead, get Inviter and I will see you in the members area.

Invite / Engage / Convert

Imagine that one of your posts hits it big but, at the end of the day, except of a short massive burst of traffic, it all goes fast back to the same old. Because your posts can be liked not just on your own fanpage but wherever they are shared, it is relatively easy to get hundreds of likes on regular posts with good content. The problem is thought, that unless you convert those posts’ likes into page likes you are just spinning the hamster wheel.

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