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TXTVideo Discount And Coupon Offer!
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Introducing A Cutting Edge NEW TXTVideo Software With An Amazing Discount Price.

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What is TXTVideo & Why Do You Need It?

Creating fully customizable text-story videos is going to give you the power  to market in a whole new, refreshing and unique way across all social media platforms that use the power of video… YES it even gives you the power to leverage your SnapChat audiences. TXTVideo is an SAAS cloud based software meaning NO downloads.

TXTVideo is the market’s NEW revolutionary video marketing software that is super creative and unlike anything that you’ve seen in this niche! It is rare to come across a truly new software in this niche but luckily for you, we have brought you a truly unique software that is going to show your audience a whole new side of your business as well as reach out to a more broad selection of customers for your business.

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TXTVideo feels like a fun toy while leveraging an unknown POWER to assist in making your TXT/SMS style videos to go VIRAL! This is a MUST for your video marketing toolbox!


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  • Create Text Stories That Are Displayed In A Smartphone
    And Turn Them Into Videos
  • SaaS Cloud-Based Video Creation Software. Nothing To
    Download Or Install
  • 3-Step Creation Process For Super-Fast Results
  • Advanced Technology For Simple And Fast Video Render
  • 1-Click Download To Generate Massive Engagement And
    Drive Traffic
  • Unique Combination Of Psychology + Technology To Push
    Engagement Through The Roof
  • Works For Any Product In Any Niche. Complete Newbie
    Friendly. No Technical Skills Required
  • LIMITED Time Launch Special Offer: Commercial License
  • Included Without Upgrade


Tell me…honestly!

How many times have you heard the ‘Message Received Ringtone’ on someone else’s phone…someone sitting next to you…doesn’t matter it’s a family member, friend, colleague or a complete stranger… and felt a ‘Sense Of Curiosity’ to know more about the content of the message?

– Don’t worry! No one’s judging…You are NOT the only one. We all experience that. ‘The Fear Of Not Knowing’ is very powerful and generally triumphs the ethics we live by.

And that is the reason, we love to eavesdrop…even on strangers!

THIS is exactly why text-story videos are becoming a rage! Your audience just can’t help but watch these videos…to see a story unfold, even one involving complete strangers.  

It’s FUN, entertaining and highly engaging. 



Do you see the potential here? Warming up your audience with a carefully crafted text-story that looks real, sounds real, but is completely fictional and in your control. 

It carries your message in the most subtle way. 


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