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Today here at Internet Marketing Coupons we are proud to provide you with a nice over look or review of the all new Facebook Engaging Tool as well as give you access to a very exclusive UpEngage Discount.

Please be aware that this promotion maybe only be available for a very brief period of time and can expire at any time.   

What Is UpEngage?

This super powerful cloud app RIPS OPEN the doors to massive engagement, traffic and profits that Facebook is trying to ‘Seal Shut’ on you…


UpEngage is all about engaging your FB audience with the exact image that you want on your post. This means your post will get more clicks,
and if you are running the post as an ad, you will be getting way more bang for your ad spend!


You see, one fundamental disadvantage of FB posts is that you cannot control what image FB will pick as a thumbnail. 



UpEngage is the only software of its kind to let you have full control over your redirect images.


In addition it also has a GIF creator, photo editor, which makes this great for ecom among other niches. You can schedule posts for weeks in
advance. Not to mention a quiz feature that will really engage your audience.

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With UpEngage…

  • Specific Clickable Image for ANY Post on ANY Facebook Page..
  • More Engagement = More Clicks = Lower Cost Per Click, more leads for you
  • Never Suffer From Poor Image Click Rate…
  • No Need to Worry About Facebook Using the Wrong Images.
  • Drop ANY Image You Like on your Ecom, Affiliate or Info Product Post.
  • Facebook API Approved/Allows You to ‘Legally’ DRIVE Traffic to ANYWHERE You’d Like!