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Video Keyword Spy is a Powerful Keyword Analysis Software that you along with
every other video seo / video marketer should be armed with! Use our VideoKeyword Spy 
Discount today!


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What is Video Keyword Spy?

Using our special Video Keyword Spy discount you will get more page 1 Google rankings than ever before! This is a unique desktop software that allows users to accurately identify how easy (or hard) ANY particular keyword is to rank on the FIRST page of Google. (Purely for ranking videos!)

Video Keyword Spy, the software can analyze any type of keyword (broad, long-tail, local etc) and can provide results based on any Google Region.

This software calculates and crunches data from both Youtube and Google in order to provide the user with a clear and precise conclusion on their chosen keyword.

It is great for ‘niche research’ and uncovering ‘easy’ niches to target.

Video Keyword Spy is 100% SAFE to use as it does not use ‘Live Events’, and will therefore NOT jeopardize any Youtube channels or accounts!

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So… Lets recap some of the benefits:

  • With Video Keyword Spy you can quickly identify the difficulty for ranking a video for ANY specific keyword in Google
  • Works great for generic keywords and LOCAL keywords
  • This is a 100% safe and reliable method as you do not need to publish videos or use Youtube accounts / channels to determine the results
  • Provides different levels of data / results using a simple traffic light system
  • Gives a CLEAR and precise conclusion – You don’t need to be a math geek!
  • Let’s you quickly determine how competitive and difficult any specific NICHE is
  • Saves time creating and ranking videos when there is little to zero chance of getting results


Check Out This Quick Video Keyword Spy Demo Video: