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erica-red(11/21/16) Admin Note:  Votes and Polls on Facebook are nothing new but doing it in real-time (LIVE) on Facebook is revolutionary!  Simply Publish a new VoteStream Campaign and allow your visitors to vote on Facebook using the reaction buttons to match up with the choice.  Voting and contests on your Facebook page or profile will never be the same after getting your hands on this new software!   This VoteStream Discount and Special Bonus Package is only available during launch week so don’t delay; doing so will only cost you more money later.

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VoteStrean uses a brand new technology, nothing like it has ever existed before today.  If you wanted to do something similar, you would need to be a developer or work out how it’s done and build your own app; both these options would cost a lot of time and money. This changes today! 

A few months ago, Facebook released one of the most advanced, game changing technologies on their platform in years – live video.  Now, directly from any device, any user could stream a video in real-time and interact with their audience.  Post engagements went through the roof.  An entire new eco-system for interacting with each other became reality.

But….it was unfortunately not without issues and limitations.  Most people can only stream from their camera. They can only run live videos from mobile. They haven’t tapped into the actual marketing potential of this yet.   Until now, It’s has been a “nice to have” feature rather than an essential tool.  They don’t know that you can actually use FB LIVE as a webinar tool, or as a way to broadcast a remote screen…..and loads more.

We have set out to change that today as we draw back the curtain on Facebook Live Videos and give you a bleeding edge app that will put live video right at the beating heart of your online marketing.


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Features of VoteStream Include:
VoteStream Features & Benefits
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Can I Use VoteStream In My Niche?

Absolutely!  It doesn’t matter which niche you target.  VoteStream can be used to gather important input from your followers along with increasing user interaction.   Take a look at some of these examples:

examples of votestream in different niches


Are there any One-Time offers or VoteStream OTO’s?

YES!  If you purchase the main VoteStream offer, you will receive the following:

Check out some of the features in VoteStream (Main Offer):

  • Cloud app – simply log in to VoteStream and create your campaign. Everything is easy to use and fully explained.
  • Unlimited campaigns – create as many VoteStream campaigns as you want!
  • Visual campaign builder – edit all colors, background images, video backgrounds and more in our powerful campaign builder
  • Multilingual front-end – create non-english language campaigns, full UTF-8 encoding
  • 2-6 items – choose how many choices you want to give your visitors
  • Background library – 100 HD images to use as backgrounds
  • result display options – choose to display numbers, % values or set some placeholder numbers to kickstart your campaign
  • real-time – updates in real time right inside the FB live video
  • Post-live viral – after your video is over and is a post on your page, it continues to attract likes etc
  • Video backgrounds – use any video as a background look for even more engagement
  • Detailed training – we explain how to use the free streaming app that VoteStream was designed for, how to use extra tweaks to encourage engageent even more and get the best results
  • Full “Start your stream” walkthrough – makes everything as simple as possible
  • Youzign – Integration with the leading cloud based design app
  • Templates – 5 built in templates to use for VoteStream campaigns
  • Personal use rights


If you purchase the VoteStream Pro Upgrade (OTO1), You Will Receive The Following Extas:

  • Extra templates – 10 more stunning Voting templates
  • Download function – the ability to download a zip file with your template and stream direct from your desktop rather than our app
  • Background Library 2.0 – 1000 more images to use in your campaigns
  • Video background library – 1000+ videos with seamless loops from youtube, that can be used in any Live VoteStream campaign
  • Developer rights – rights to use the app for clients
  • (the downsell is all the above, minus the developer rights and download functions)


If you purchase the VoteSteam Contest Upgrade (OTO2), You Will Receive The Following Extas:

  • Contest System – run “real time” contest events LIVE inside FB Live using VoteStream technology
  • Contest Template – special VoteStream template configured for running live contests
  • Automatic timer control – define a start and end time, start your VoteStream broadcast and the app will automatically handle the contest display, and close it when you have defined it to. This is AMAZING for spiking activity and turning these into an exciting live event.
  • 20+ templates
  • 1000+ HD backgrounds
  • Autochoose winner from comments option
  • Video backgrounds 


VoteStream Money Back Guarantee

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You Receive All of The Following Bonuses FOR FREE! When You Purchase Using The Links On This Page

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How Do I Receive My VoteStream Bonuses?

Your Bonuses are delivered in your JVZoo Account immediately after purchase.