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Hello {{FIRSTNAME}},

Whether you have a blog or a business site or a simple landing page. Driving traffic is the biggest problem anyone with a website faces today.

To solve this problem, they end up spending a lot of money on Facebook ads, Google ads etc. or trying various “methods and techniques” to get more traffic…but end up failing (and losing a lot of money).

Well, this new software is here to solve your problem.

Created for WordPress users, this plugin flows regular traffic to all your posts and pages on WordPress.

Just s minutes and then click over to WP 1-Click Traffic and flick one switch, your traffic starts flowing to your site in minutes.

WP 1-Click Traffic Front End – FEATURES

1. Generate traffic for your WordPress posts or pages on autopilot … works for you 24/7.

‚Äč2. Enter up to 3 keywords and then click the get traffic button, super simple. Get traffic with one click!

3. Creates a Facebook, Twitter and Reddit post for your wordpress post/page then promotes it to get you traffic.

4. Targets Facebook, Twitter and Reddit users who are interested in your post, by interacting with them just like a human, to get their eyes on your content.

5. Can optionally design your facebook, twitter and reddit posts in special “preview” area, or just let the plugin do it all for you!

WP 1-Click Traffic OTO1 PRO – FEATURES

1. Add extra keywords to promote your content, not just one but upto 5 niche keywords.

2. Add multiple twitter, facebook, reddit accounts at the same time… with Basic you can only use one per site.

3. Allow twitter, facebook, reddit accounts to be assigned to specific site categories (so each category can have its own social accounts)

4. Allow individual social accounts to be assigned to specific posts/pages (so each individual post/page can be promoted to any account you wish)

5. Add pinterest integration, so it will get traffic from pinterest too, (and allow multiple pinterest accounts to be uses as described above)

Demo of WP 1-Click Traffic