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What is Paymember?

Paymember is a membership site software like you’ve never seen before.  It hooks up with your Paypal account to completely protect selected website content and give you massive benefits over other members sites.  Paypal integration makes this the EASIEST to use member-site software ever.  You can secure your content in seconds with only a few clicks.  Not only can you secure your content, you receive POWERFUL information and data on all your customers.  You can keep your content more SECURE than ever before while at the same time collecting email leads.  

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What Features Does Paymember Include?

  • Fully protect ANY kind of content to only let paying customers (who pay into your Paypal account) get access
  • Works with ANY payment processor (JVZoo, Warrior Plus etc) so long as they use Paypal, it will work.
  • Protect articles, files, videos, pdf’s ANY CONTENT you want.
  • Hook up to your Paypal account and deploy your protected page in SECONDS.
  • Get full control over verifcation page desisgn.
  • Integrate with all major Autoresponders.
  • Collect email leads direct fom Paypal (no more relying on JVZoo Optins)
  • Setup protected “one-use” download links, stop people sharing your files
  • Get loads of data on all your customer transactions.
  • Track chargebacks, refunds, customer location and much more
  • Get data on all your customers actions each time they ACCESS your protected content
  • See how often customers download, see what location they download from, see when they access the page and more
  • Setup email alerts to monitor everything (e.g setup alerts to monitor multiple chargebacks, refunds or page access)

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