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Do you know what your customers think
about your business?

Are you interacting with them to understand
their need?

Is your value proposition appealing to your

In business, we have a lot of such questions
and getting to know the answers helps us to
reach new horizons.

What is an effective way to compile and collate
all this information?


But the survey tools in the market are pricey
and expects you to know something in the
market research domain.

That is all about to change.

Social Surveys Promotional Product Box

Social Surveys is a one stop tool for list-building
and engaging customers using surveys as a platform.
  • Surveys onload, onclick, exit popup
  • Paper Surveys
  • Viral share features
  • Video surveys
  • Scarcity based surveys
  • Surveys based on demo graphics
  • Statistics
  • Run surveys with conditions
  • Laser segment your list
  • In Built Question Bank
  • Simple Click & Edit features
  • Supports all major Autoresponders
  • Facebook integrated
  • Meaningful Analytics