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erica"Look - I just came across something really interesting and I just wanted to let you know about it… It’s a neat little trick called bridge marketing. 

What makes bridge marketing so exciting is there’s a new tool hitting the marketing called Social Lead Chief. The guys behind this are dropping some intense value bombs in the days towards the launch, starting today, March 16!

Right now, you can get some important training on why bridge marketing is so important, and how it will help you increase your business. 

These guys are even giving you a WordPress plugin for FREE that could’ve been easily sold as a product it self. But it seems that’s just not their style…

Check out the offer right now and pick it up before they take it down. This price is incredible and won't be available long.

Start watching the 10 minute video about bridge marketing, and get a cool overview of what you can do with the plugin…

I’m so EXCITED! I already got a ton of ideas on how I’m going to implement this into our websites and I'm sure after watching the videos, you have ideas how this will help promote your business.

You see… bridge marketing is basically as the word describes… You connect one place to another... So for promoting an CPA offer for instance, you first get them through a sequence that goes about the subject - that gets the visitors primed for action - before actually redirecting them to the offer - your basically pre-framing the lead!

This is important, because it’s proven to boost conversions and sales. Just face it, direct linking to offers is just not going to cut it anymore, and it’s no secret that the big guys are using this strategy to rake in millions each and every day.

Just get your FREE WordPress plugin and lets all enter the exciting world of Bridge Marketing together!"

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